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Frequently Asked Questions


Why should we choose CAPTAIN TRADERS . JP

We "Captain Traders.JP" are one of the largest used vehicle exporters in Japan. We have grown fast and stably due to continuos support from over thousand of customers around the world. Today, we sell quality and affordable Japanese used vehicles to more than 50 countries directly from Japan. Captain Traders.JP is ultimate on-line shop where you can find all kind of Japanese vehicles at the Lowest price you've ever seen.

Direct trade from users to End-users
Cut Wasteful cost revolutionary to realize the lowest margin.
Professional inspection & services
Experienced staff assists your Purchasing.
Back up Spare Parts

1. Can I buy a car as a private car buyer?

Yes, you can buy but as for the laws of your country please check your self Some countries, you may not import certain car models or used cars in general by law or regulation. You need to check your country’s laws and regulations and registration of cars before you begin the purchasing process.

2. Can I buy car/cars which are not listed on your stock list?

Yes you can, please send us an inquiry Email with detail.

3. Do you give any warranty for the vehicles?

No, we don’t give any warranty, however, we disclose the details of the car with pictures on our website and you can ask further about the conditions of the car, so that you can understand the conditions of the car before you decide to purchase

4. Do you inspect the car before shipping?

All the cars are thoroughly inspected to confirm that there is no difference between the actual specifications and those on the specification sheet.

5. How often do you update your stock on the Website?

We update our stock list every day at 6:00am Japan time.

6. What if I have additional questions?

Our friendly sales team is always happy and ready to serve you. Please contact us anytime you can also contact us by Email, phone and skype.

Buying vehicles

1. How can I purchase Japanese used car from Captain Traders.JP?

There are easy five steps to purchase a used vehicle from us
1. Choose your vehicle
2. Order a free quotation
3. Complete payment
4. Your vehicle is shipped
5. Receive your vehicle and enjoy driving

2. How do I select a vehicle?

It is very simple and easy! From our website page you can search your vehicle by type or by make. You can also search by price or year of vehicle to find the right car for your needs

3. How can I have more information about the condition of the vehicle I am interested in?

If you have a specific question about a vehicle you may e-mail us, phone or skype our sales team. Please have stock number ready for reference

4. How do I find out the total price I have to pay?

To easily check the total price for a vehicle enter the stock list page and select the country and port so that the total price (CIF) or (CSF) will be shown on the page, in some special cases the shipping cost cannot be calculated automatically. Please finalize the order and we will email you a free invoice with the total quotation with in one working day

5. when can I receive my invoice?

When you apply for a free invoice online, we will show you a proforma invoice online right on the time and will email you the final invoice as you confirmed the order (Deal)

About Payments

1. What method of payment do you accept?

We accept payments via Telegraphic Transfer (T/T).

2. What are the terms of payments?

All vehicles you ordered must be paid in full before starting shipping procedure. We will arrange the shipping process once our bank confirms that full payments have been received.

3. What currencies do you accept?

The payment should be remitted in US dollars as indicated in our invoices. If you wish to pay in another currency (Japanese yen/UK pound) please contact us after receiving your invoice so that we will send you a revised invoice with preferred currency.

4. How can I know when my payment has been deposited into your account?

It is important that you provide us proof of payment to secure your order once the payment has been made at your side. Please send us a confirmation of the payment together with your invoice number or vehicle stock number by email or fax, once your payment is confirmed at our account our sale staff will notify you immediately.

5. Where can I find your bank account details?

Our bank detail can be found on the proforma invoice.

Our bank details:

Bank Address 1-2-5 KASHIWA , KASHIWA - SHI , CHIBA , JAPAN.
Account Number 275 - 0159976


1. How much is shipping charge?

Please calculate shipping charges from our freight calculator system. You can get the rough idea of the freight from Japanese port to your country. Please note this is for your reference purpose only. You will get the precise shipping charge on our Official Invoice. You can also get quotation/estimate cost of the cars before ordering.

2. Would you please give me ship schedule information?

Yes, we will let you know the shipping schedule by E-mail.

3. Can I insure my shipment?

Yes, you can choose with or without insurance by clicking "yes" or "no" at "TOTAL PRICE CALCULATOR".

4. How long it will take to reach car?

It may take about 3 to 5 weeks after car leaves Japanese port depending on the destination. we use best shipping company for desitnation port as per services. We have tie-up with different shipping companies for different destination ports.

5. What documents we will receive?

We will send you following documents :

01. Bill of Lading

02. Invoice

03. Export Certificate/ De-registration certificate

04. Insurance certificate or letter (Only for who requested Insurance.)

You will receive these documents by Express Mail or Courier.



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